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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on in-person gatherings, Instructor re-certification teaching requirements have been extended into 2022. All Instructors have been granted a yearlong extension and given a new anniversary date in 2022. No extension request is required. You will be required to teach at least 3 classes between January 1, 2021 and your 2022 anniversary date. --- We understand that Instructors may have extenuating circumstances that prevent them from teaching their mandatory minimum sessions per year. You can submit your extension request by filling out the extension request form and uploading the completed form as an attachment at the very bottom of the page. Please allow at least three weeks for a response. Incomplete forms will cause a delay in processing.

If you are requesting coordinator access, please upload your completed coordinator request form as an attachment at the very bottom of the Request Assistance Form. --- Coordinator Request Form:

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Reminder: All sales are final. Note: Orders are fulfilled within 15 minutes of your order.

Reminder: All sales are final. Note: Orders are fulfilled within 15 minutes of your order.

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